Saturday, January 9, 2010


Why is it that chocolate in every other country besides the US seems to be better? (Sorry, Hershey's, but you are just not at the top of my list.) Anyway, Lindt & Sprungli from Swizterland is one of my fav's for the money! Especially their collection, Lindor Truffles. I bought a big bag of them right before Christmas, and was trying to hold out, to savor just one a day to make them last longer. Well, that has not been happening lately. Because once I have one, I just want to try another flavor, to try to decide which one is my favorite. Such a predicament!

Anyway, what is my favorite? Honestly, really can't say, although I really like the Extra Dark Chocolate. But then there's the Stracciatella that's also quite delish. And then I get to looking at their website ( and I start realizing how can I even decide when I haven't even tried all of them!

I so wish they had a retailer around my parts. But, not so. Maybe one day they will smarten up and get one around here (Utah). Or I'll have to start with their new program of becoming a Lindt home distributor (seems appealing, but I might just eat it all instead of having the parties, so I don't know how successful that would be). 

Anyway, for those who don't have a true retail store close by, there's still hope as they are common to find. If you buy these chocolates separately just at a local grocer, as they are often sold as impulse items by cash registers, you will pay around 50 cents a pop. Since I am a little more price savvy than that, I recommend going to WalMart or Sam's Club/Costco, and buying a bigger variety bag (or all of one flavor, if you have your favorite). The one downer is that you really can't find all of the flavors if you go that way, but they are getting better at having a selection.

I'm sure most of you have seen these and hopefully had the opportunity to taste! If not, put it on your list of things to do. You will not have regrets.


  1. I'll tell you the way to go is the stores they have in malls. I know they have them in Miami but I have no clue where else. I'll look for you next time I travel. The dark go on good sales like 40 of them for 7$ becuase you buy them by the pound. And they freaking rock so they deduct the weight of the package after they weigh it.
    Not to mention they have a gazillion flavors that are all so yummy!

  2. Definitely try to find an actual Lindt retailer. Not sure where you live but I'm in NYC and there's one in Manhattan. I went for the first time yesterday and I was in heaven! They had almost every single bar ans truffle you see on their website. I finally found the mousse and European flavors. Sadly, they only get the cheesecake truffle in the summer. You can bet I' making a trip for those in a few months lol. Avoid buying Lindt in other stores; they told me those are old and nearing expiration. That's why sometimes you see a white border on the chocolate. I know. Anyway, happy chocolatey day!

  3. Thanks for all the pointers! I'll have to see if there's anything local as far as retailers, and if not, I'll keep this on my list for my next round of travels. :)