Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chocolate: The Cure-All

So, did you know that scientific data has shown that chocolate can cure cancer!?!?!??!? Especially dark chocolate, because it has antioxidants and blahblahblah..... Is this really true? Who really knows, and personally, who really cares?

I mean sure, try to justify your chocolate addiction with these "amazing" wannabe facts that some study might disprove in 5 years. But, you know, I really eat chocolate for a different reason: because it tastes awesome and it makes me happy. And that's evidence tested and approved by me personally so I know it's true! So I fully embrace the fact that I could honestly eat chocolate all day. And when people say "Doesn't that make you sick," I am proud of my high chocolate tolerance. :) 

However, since I do promote eating chocolate responsibly, I'll throw in that even though I could eat chocolate all day, I don't..... at least not EVERY day. :) 'Cuz that's responsible, right?

But can chocolate be a cure-all? A most definite YES. It can cure me from a bad mood! It can heal hurt feelings - great forgive me gift (wink, wink), and I even think it can be the perfect cure to certain desserts that need a little help. Sounds pretty all-inclusive to me.

For instance, take peanut butter cookies. Plain - okay. Add chocolate chunks, divine! (recipe)

How about your everyday rice crispy treats. Have you ever tried melting some chocolate and butterscotch chips and pouring some of that on top before you dig in?  Or maybe try some chocolate peanut butter frosting on for size (recipe). It fits perfectly!

So there you have it. Proof that chocolate really is the Cure-All!

(And maybe that even includes cancer folks, but don't take my word for it on that one. Ask the professionals.... or your network marketing buddy.)

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