Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, here's a new choco brand to try out. Hageland. Named after the Hageland region of Belgium. 

I've tried a couple of different chocolates from them and haven't been disappointed.

They have big 14 oz bars that I've found are really good for my baking needs - comes in 3 varieties, although I've only really tried out the plain milk and dark chocolate. (P.S. - they are still really good for snacking!)
For just enjoying a square here and there and savoring the flavor, I've been trying their origin special selection, which features chocolate bars made with cocoa beans from different regions of the world: Madagascar, Uganda, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

I first tried the Ecuador (which is 43% - milk chocolate), and then the Costa Rica (71% - dark chocolate).  First of all, the presentation is awesome. Beautiful wrappers, etc. Just makes you all smiley. But then, you break inside, and yes, still in for a treat! The big thin squares practically cry out to be eaten.

Anyway, check 'em out. You'll love it!

Warning, cheesy music contained on website. Turn off in lower right corner. :)

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