Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oprah: My New Chocolate Hero

Oprah, you are kind of my new chocolate hero.

So, I am not much of a TV watcher. In fact, basically not at all. Mostly spend time watching movies and good TV series on Netflix with hubby (no commercials), or sports games in their season. But when I caught word of this Oprah episode that aired a couple weeks ago, I was actually kinda sad that I didn't see it, and even more sad that I couldn't have been there.

These pictures pretty much explain it all:

So hopefully, you're catching my drift, but if not, I'll clue you in. The whole set is made of Godiva chocolate! White, milk, dark, and truffles and glued together with ganache.

Some more facts:

800 boxes shipped to construct set
 52 types of chocolate
Over 15,000 pieces
1,400 man hours to create

And of course, Oprah, being the generous person that she is, let the audience and all of her staff come onstage after the show and take chocolate home. Now that's eating and sharing chocolate responsibly! 

You go girl!

Check out these pics and video on her website:

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