Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chocolate Cake on a Stick....

I made some of these delicious cake balls again (and cheesecake balls). They are really soooo easy! And, did I mention, delicious? Here's the recipe for the cake and cheesecake mixture. Then simply form into balls, chill (I do this step in the freezer 'cuz I'm impatient), and dip in delicious chocolate! I do prefer putting them on a stick as well. I'm not very good at the whole dipping step yet, and that tends to make it a little easier.

My favorite combination is chocolate cake center, white chocolate coating, and topped off with Heath toffee. Um, can I say, to die for?

Happy Holidays! And if you want some ideas to spruce these up for Christmas, go to my other post, and/or visit! She has a lot of cute ideas.

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