Thursday, September 24, 2009

Molten Chocolate Volcano Cake

My friend and I used to reward ourselves with a "Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake" on our birthdays, after a hard test, and whatever other occasion we could justify during our first year of college.

The next year, my friend moved away, but she came to visit for her birthday. I threw her a party, and I decided why not make my own giant version of the cake so that everyone could share. It has now become a trademark cake of mine. Best part - super easy to make!

If you want to make the whole thing from scratch, that is great! I've done portions of it like that before. But I find that there is little difference in quality if you use the right pre-made stuff (and it's faster!).


Chocolate Cake Mix - follow instructions on box
Hot fudge sauce
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate Magic Shell Topping
Extras - nuts, coconut, strawberry or other fruit topping, sparklers

First - bake a cake! I just use a box mix - get a supermoist and chocolately one - german chocolate, devil's food, or triple fudge are great! You can either bake in a bundt cake pan for one large cake, or I've also discovered a really cool mini bundt cupcake tin if you want to make personal size cakes.

When the cake is done, let it cool down just enough to get out of the pan. You want to serve this baby warm. Or, if you need to make in advance, you can warm up in an oven before the final prep as well.

Poke holes with a fork all over in the cake.

Get some delicious hot fudge (Hershey's or Mrs. Richardson's are good, or make your own). Pour all over the cake until it seeps in. Some will run off. That's ok.

Next, repeat with caramel and/or butterscotch sauce.

Now you are ready for the ice cream! Fill in the bundt hole with icecream and heap up over the top.

Last, get Hershey's Magic Shell Topping and smother icecream with it, until it creates a hard shell all over. Put on additional caramel and fudge if you'd like!

You're done!

If you want to try some variations, you can add other toppings. I've put on different types of nuts, coconut, and even strawberry topping, and they are all delicious and look really cool.

And if you really want a show, don't forget the sparklers!

P.S. If you have mini bundt cupcake tin, you can make personal-sized volcano cakes! They are really fun too!

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