Saturday, February 6, 2010


Okay, so here's a new brand that I recently have tried. I'm still a newbie to what this chocolate has to offer, but I'm thinking that I'll be sampling more Green & Black's Organic Chocolate.

So, this company was started in the UK in 1991. The cacao beans that are used for most of their bars are of the Trinitario variety, mostly harvested in Belize and Dominican Republic.

I heard about this chocolate in a book I was reading actually, so I thought I'd better look into it. So, the first cool things about Green & Black's Organic is that they have a fairtrade agreement with the farmers that harvest the cacao crop so that they are paying a fair market value. That's really admirable.
The second cool thing is that the chocolate is good. I tried a Mint Dark Chocolate Bar (60%). This is the kind of chocolate that you have to savor to appreciate all of the flavors because it definitely has a unique taste. I liked it, however, the mint personally threw me off a little at the end, even though it was pretty light. I think that next time I grab a bar, I will just go with the straight chocolate, no extras added, so I can appreciate the natural flavor a little more.

Anyway, I had some of the bar left and was making cookies, so I decided to break it into big chunks and use it with the dough. Now that was delicious!!!!

Check out their website:

I found the Green & Blacks bars in WalMart. Honestly, I live in Utah, so that's sometimes as close as you get to the real retailer here. Anyway, it looks like they sell at other similar stores like Target and local grocers, and maybe they have some retail stores here in the U.S. - let me know if you know of one. They make a variety of bars (there was a decent variety at WalMart - about $3 for a sizable bar),  baking chocolate, hot chocolate mix, and ice cream (not quite sure where the rest of these items are carried - didn't check that closely yet - still on the hunt).

 Give 'em a try and let me know what you think!

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